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Programmable Components and Programming 2017

To support developments in this vital area for both D&T and Computing ICSAT has a number of courses for the Autumn term, including one we provide for the Design & Technology Association which is extremely popular. The courses are suitable for colleagues who teach D&T and Computing and cover such devices as PICAXE, Genie and the Arduino.

Download the latest version of our Pathway to Programmable Components, which now includes mapped programming requirements for KS2, 3 and GCSE D&T.

Click here for Pathway to Programmable Components 5 yr Plan V4.9

Click here for Programmable Components overview for KS3 and GCSE Design & Technology Poster.

Click here for the free eCards package, a full version is available on the eShop.

If you are a Computing teacher who wants to develop the area of Physical Computing our new course will be of particular value at it links programmable electronic modules using a Scratch-like environment to the Real World.

Version 3.9

New Electronic Kits for September 2017

During the Summer break we are completing work on a range of new kits, ranging from our Pixie Bot, Blues & 2’s, Personal Alarm modules (Standard & Programmable), and Pixie Bug.

Keep a watch on the D&T Programmable Components Facebook feed, as we release images and information etc.


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