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Programmable Components and Programming 2020

ICSAT has a number of courses for colleagues who teach D&T, Engineering and Computing and are aimed at the Arduino and the 8 pin & 14 pin Arduino! We are getting many requests from schools for Arduino courses for GCSE Engineering and STEM, get ahead of the game with these practical hands-on course, with plenty of classroom ready projects and support materials.

Download the latest version of our Pathway to Programmable Components, which now includes mapped programming requirements for KS2, 3 and GCSE D&T.

Click here for Pathway to Programmable Components 5 yr Plan V4.9

Click here for Programmable Components overview for KS3 and GCSE Design & Technology Poster.

Click here for the free eCards package, a full version is available on the eShop.

e-PACs - Hireable project boxes

ICSAT has been very conscious of the dwindling school finances and the need to develop electronics capability in our learners. To that end we have created a range of project boxes that can be used to develop solutions that use programmable electronics, each e-PAC contains all the pre-built modules, sensors etc required , along with support materials. Each e-PAC can be hired for 6/8 weeks at a time for £75 plus a refundable deposit to cover damage/loss or for the odd set you wish to keep.

Click here for our e-PACs datasheet.

If you have any questions please contact us via the usually channels.

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Coming soon uBit Boards

We have a range of Micro:Bit form factor boards, which can make use of Micro:Bit accessories.

The first of these is the PicoBit, which puts the new Raspberry Pi Pico into the Micro:Bit form factor.

This will be followed by the Pixie uBit, which can take 8pin, 14pin and 20 pin Picaxe or Genie chips into the Micro:Bit format. Plus a uBit  I/O board with a Pixie port, 2 PTM switches, 2 x servo connectors, I2C connector (Pimoroni compatible), RGB LED and an analogue connection.

These will be available from our eShop

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Programming eCards for Micro:Bit

Following a recent CPD session for the Harris Federation on the Micro:Bit in D&T. We are pleased to release a free version of our Micro:Bit Coding cards from our eCards range for electronics.

We have over 140 cards covering:

Also Code cards for Arduino, Micro:Bit (Blocks), Picaxe (Blockly), Genie (Flowchart). Following soon MicroPython for the Raspberry Pi Pico.

Click here for the free Micro:Bit code cards.

CPD in a Box

You may have seen quite a flurry of FaceBook posts about our CPD in a Box programme. We are now setting up for round 2, which will be starting at the end of November.

You can see the initial programme on the CPD in a Box page.

If you have any questions or requests please let us know via the usual channels.

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Version 6.50

uBit Boards

We now have a full range of uBit controller boards for the following microcontrollers:

Using a uBit board you can use any of the  above microcontroller with Micro:Bit accessories. The uBit boards allow you to move up to a higher spec device but still use all your Micro:Bit accessories and modules.

These are available from our eShop


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