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Programmable Components and Programming 2018

ICSAT has a number of courses for the Spring term, including one we provide for the Design & Technology Association which is extremely popular. The courses are suitable for colleagues who teach D&T and Computing and cover such devices as PICAXE, Genie, Arduino and the 8 pin & 14 pin Arduino!

Download the latest version of our Pathway to Programmable Components, which now includes mapped programming requirements for KS2, 3 and GCSE D&T.

Click here for Pathway to Programmable Components 5 yr Plan V4.9

Click here for Programmable Components overview for KS3 and GCSE Design & Technology Poster.

Click here for the free eCards package, a full version is available on the eShop.

Version 3.12

The ICSAT Moodle VLE offers a wide range of course modules and support modules aimed at all aspects of D&T - KS3 to GCSE.

We are developing a range of modules to support the new GCSE NEA contexts, along with supporting resources.

For Programmable Components we will be adding Programming and support modules covering:

PICAXE, Genie, Crumble, MicroBit, Arduino

Along with basic electronics support and access to the full range of eCards.

This will be a pick’n’mix subscription service, with each module costing £45 - a similar cost to our Examination Preparation DVD’s.


iCSAT (IK’sat) is a ‘Hands-on’ Training Company with the express mission to provide Inspirational Support, Advice and Training for Classroom practitioners and Students, which supports and develops high quality classroom experiences and outcomes from KS1 to KS5, in D&T and Computing / ICT.


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